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40+ years of professional experience! That is what our coaching staff brings to the table, each with their own unique abilities. We pride ourselves on providing a holistic training experience for those we coach.


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Out of this desire and belief was born an idea for a Toronto youth basketball program which is holistic in nature, and prepares all athletes who come through it for life beyond the court that the game is played on. Improving your basketball skills is important, of course.

But building up a young mind early with the right ideas and character traits, as well as building their confidence and teaching them how to deal with adversity, is of equal, if not greater importance.
Basketball is a game of details. As a company, we aim to provide all 3 of these components to the next generations of players in Toronto, and Canadian basketball as a whole, through Momentum’s various programs. Improving skills and learning techniques takes patience and a nuanced approach, where treating each individual with the care and attention required to suit their needs is the standard practice.

We create joy for our athletes by focusing on the relationship between player and coach, the relationship between player and player, and the relationship between coach and parent.


The Mitrovic Method is a philosophy and approach to teaching the game which differs from those used by many coaches and organization that provide skill training and development in a variety of ways. We create joy for our athletes by focusing on the relationship between player and coach, the relationship between player and player, and the relationship between coach and parent. The combination of these 3 elements is what creates a fun and safe space for the athlete and fosters an environment where all parties are working towards the same goals together. The skill development principles are rooted in the deep fundamentals of the game, cutting out many of the flashy aspects that usually hold players back from learning how to achieve the best results, and create technical problems that are increasingly difficult to change over time. Not everything you see on TV is helpful! And finally, the character development takes all of those years of experience of our Founders and translates the information to the athlete in a way that can help them learn from those who faced the same various struggles that come with the sport before them.




Momentum is a proven, energetic, and professionally structured basketball program where coaches genuinely care about the athletes, their skill development, and their personal growth. Each practice offers a unique experience to the athletes where coaches tailor the sessions to complement their existing skill levels. My son Luka has been with Momentum from its very beginning, and we appreciate that the coaches, with honest feedback, teach the athletes to play the game of basketball the right way. I would highly recommend Momentum to any parent/guardian with an athlete looking to expand their basketball game!

Zeljko Knezevic

Our boys Kaiden, Nile and Noah are always looking forward to coming to Momentum for their training, it is very difficult to get them to miss a practice. They have learned new skills, discipline, and love for the game and the coaches have done a great job of teaching them. They are more confident now and have gained more friends in school because of basketball. Momentum has surpassed all our expectations, and we highly recommend them to all parents.

Cherryl Sevilla

We are very grateful that our son Bora had the opportunity to be coached by the Momentum staff. Prior to joining their program, he was involved in competitive high-level basketball at several clubs across the GTA, but he never experienced the levels of expertise, attention to detail, dedication, and professionalism that Momentum’s coaches provided him. Their coaching philosophy motivated Bora to reach his full potential.

Sladjan Lojpur

Our son Jaden has participated in camps, small groups, and open runs at Momentum. He found the coaches there to be very productive in developing his skills, inclusive where everyone participates equally and most of all, a lot of fun! In addition to their high level of expertise and competence, we have found that they genuinely care about the kids. We couldn’t be happier with our experience through their programs and hope to take part in them for years to come.

Paul Mitchell

In his 2+ years with Momentum Sports, our son Gabriel has had a thoroughly wonderful experience! He has participated in a wide variety of programming that they offer and eagerly anticipates every session with their excellent coaching staff. From the high-level technical coaching to the care that the organization displays toward players and parents, I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of basketball programs for their children. 5 stars!

Joanne Romas

Thanks to Momentum’s training programs and camps, our son Bogdan has improved various parts of his basketball skills including his ball handling, desire to play, competitiveness, and understanding of the game. Despite being new to Canada, Momentum’s coaches provided a comfortable and supportive environment for him, and he is always in a great mood after the sessions. Their coaches are some of the best we have seen!

Yuliia Grechko

Our daughter Mila has been training with Momentum for about a year now and has experienced some of the most significant improvements in her game in such a short period of time. Her progress has been noticed by both teammates and coaches, which has also tremendously boosted her confidence on and off the court. Momentum’s coaches are some of the best we have encountered due to being incredibly detail-oriented, and supportive. We are grateful and can't wait to continue with training this year!

Brano Nedic

Having been a youth coach for many years in Ontario, there are certain components of the game that I was unable to teach to my son over the years as I coached the teams he has played on. The great coaches at Momentum used their detail-oriented and player-friendly approach to put us back on track and help us fill the gaps of what was missing in Drelin’s game. We’re thankful for our time with them and appreciate the work they have done!

Andre Butts




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