Momentum Sports Group



This is always a great question and one we are happy to hear! We view our role as an important one but nothing can replace the impact of a parent on a child. Primarily, your support of their pursuit of sports as an extra-curricular activity, or guidance towards it, is in itself great. Sports can have an extremely positive effect on a child's development, both physically and mentally. Every athlete is different in terms of motivation, natural ability, time restraints, etc. so the specific help will vary for each one, but a positive approach really helps their confidence grow.

We do not. Our semi-private training is manually put together rather than being open to the public. Whether it is done so by parents or suggested by our coaches, we find that athletes of similar skill levels usually produce better results when training together in small groups, as it allows for closer alignment of goals and execution.

We do not offer any programs or lessons outside of our main location (26 Mallard Rd.) other than our after-school or club programs which are offered to students/members only.

We love getting involved with new schools or clubs. If you work at one of these organizations, or have a child who goes to one, and would like to enquire about working with us, please email or call us. If a program already exists at your organization that you are unhappy with, please check with administrators about the potential of change before reaching out.