Momentum Sports Group

Small Groups


You can think of the small group sessions as a great blend of everything we offer in individual training and group training, combined into one session. There is great benefit to be found in a more focused and individualized environment, where children can still apply skills that are worked on in the development portions through competitions and gameplay.

For some athletes, more individual attention during group sessions is required, with more concentrated communication of concepts. The small group environment provides that, while also creating more comfort between coaches and players, and still keeping some of the team feel of the group training sessions.

At Momentum we feel that, in order to maximize impact, small group sessions should be among children of similar skill level. Therefore, these sessions can be put together by parents themselves if they have a group in mind, or suggested to parents by our coaches if there are specific players we feel would fit well together.


Spaces for small group and individual training are limited and fill up quickly. Please call us to inquire about current availability.