Momentum Sports Group

Our Method


Momentum Sports Group was established in September of 2021 by Founder Nemanja “Nem” Mitrovic. After concluding his professional playing career, Coach Nem was only sure of two things, and those were:

– His desire to give back to the game that he loves, and to which he had dedicated majority of his life.

– His belief that he had experienced an all-encompassing approach that would help the next generations of athletes to get more out of their youth sports experiences.


Out of this desire and belief was born an idea for a Toronto youth basketball program which is holistic in nature, and prepares all athletes who come through it for life beyond the court that the game is played on. Improving your basketball skills is important, of course. But building up a young mind early with the right ideas and character traits, as well as building their confidence and teaching them how to deal with adversity, is of equal, if not greater importance. Using 40+ years of generational experience in the higher levels of the game, The Mitrovic Method was designed to provide an experience that is of benefit to all children, regardless of their own experience or skill level. The desire to give back to the game comes from a place of deep gratitude. Gratitude as a family for everything that the game of basketball has provided for them in our lives, and continues to as a path towards making meaningful impact in the immediate Toronto basketball community, and Canadian basketball as a whole. Along with that, gratitude from Coach Nem and Coach Marko to their own parents for using the Method during their formative years and creating space and opportunity for their respective success in sport and life beyond. We can’t wait to continue sharing this with our growing community and bringing value to young athletes and parents through it for generations to come.

Three men posing for a photo in a basketball court.


When we say 40+ years of generational experience, let us explain exactly what we mean. In 1979, at the tender age of 17, Coach Miki Mitrovic started his professional playing career for reigning European Champions KK Bosna Sarajevo. This was the beginning of an 18 year professional career, spanning through the 1980’s and 1990’s, at the highest levels Europe has to offer. Upon moving to Canada with his family in 1998, he spent the better part of the next two decades not only passing this knowledge down to his own sons, but developing a passion for helping other children of all ages to reach their highest potentials through sports as well. In their own individual careers, his sons Coach Nem and Coach Marko have both found their own successes on the court, and have developed the same passion for coaching over time. Coach Nem played in the NCAA for 4 years before heading overseas for a fulfilling and successful professional career that lasted 7 years. Coach Marko reached the collegiate levels of the sport as a Varsity member of the U of T Blues, before injuries derailed his career and he chose to focus on his studies and start coaching young children. For 25 years, the Mitrovic family have been a staple in Toronto’s basketball community, and Momentum Sports is the culmination of a long growing desire to translate a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for the game into a proven training method. The Mitrovic Method combines the 3 key elements of finding joy in sports participation, premier skill development, and holistic mental and character building. You can learn more about our Coaches and their individual backgrounds in the game of basketball by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.


Basketball is a game of details. The Mitrovic Method is a philosophy and approach to teaching the game which differs from those used by many coaches and organization that provide skill training and development in a variety of ways. We create joy for our athletes by focusing on the relationship between player and coach, the relationship between player and player, and the relationship between coach and parent. The combination of these 3 elements is what creates a fun and safe space for the athlete and fosters an environment where all parties are working towards the same goals together. The skill development principles are rooted in the deep fundamentals of the game, cutting out many of the flashy aspects that usually hold players back from learning how to achieve the best results, and create technical problems that are increasingly difficult to change over time. Not everything you see on TV is helpful! And finally, the character development takes all of those years of experience of our Founders and translates the information to the athlete in a way that can help them learn from those who faced the same various struggles that come with the sport before them. As a company, we aim to provide all 3 of these components to the next generations of players in Toronto, and Canadian basketball as a whole, through Momentum’s various programs. Improving skills and learning techniques takes patience and a nuanced approach, where treating each individual with the care and attention required to suit their needs is the standard practice. Below you can find more detail on how we approach each of the 3 key components of the Mitrovic Method, in order to facilitate the growth and improvement that lies in every child who walks through our doors:

A group of young boys sitting on a bench in a gym.


It is no secret that all humans, no matter what age or background, perform better when they like what they are doing. By creating an environment of comfort between Coach and Athlete, we connect with those we coach and help them connect with their teammates around them. In doing so, we believe that we can break down any barriers that stand in the way of developing trust. We preach teamwork, kindness, diversity, inclusivity, communication, and leadership, as a few highlights of the many necessary components of building a community that our athletes can feel a part of. Most of us like to win when in competition with others, but the goal is to lift each other up in the process, even as opponents. From day one, we have made it a point of emphasis to facilitate situations in which every athlete, regardless of skill level, feels like they are a part of the whole and enjoys the process regardless of the end results.
A man holding a basketball ball in a gym.


As stated above, basketball is a game of details. One finger slightly out of place can alter the trajectory of a shot, and a foot placed at the wrong angle can prevent a player from getting by their defender. The Mitrovic Method has taken 40+ years of professional and collegiate playing experience, across two different generations, and translated it into simplified ideas and skills that allow players to start reaching their playing potential. Sometimes what you see on TV is not necessarily what helps you improve your own skills, so we have made it our mission to always base our teachings on the fundamentals. For some players, improvement comes slow, while for others it comes quick. But with our guidance, an athlete who is willing to learn and absorb will find that their efforts will not be wasted as everyone has the capacity to get better! The philosophies and training methods that we use are what creates space for that to happen, and breeds confidence in those we train.

Two boys giving each other high fives in a gym.


No matter how good your skills get, there is still the matter of how well you can apply them into real game situations. Training the mind plays a huge role in whether an athlete succeeds in doing so, and can often be the most important component to an athlete’s overall development. By teaching important life skills like hard work, discipline, resilience and perseverance, The Mitrovic Method places just as much focus and importance on the mental part of the game as it does on the rest. We go out of our way to talk to athletes about situations that they find themselves in on a weekly basis, what their struggles are in those situations, and suggest possible solutions to those problems. How to fail. How to bounce back from failure. How to work well with others around you towards a common goal. Those are just a few examples of things that help prepare young minds for some of what awaits them in the real world. So no matter what trajectory an athlete’s career takes, with Momentum they will have built valuable character traits in the process.