Momentum Sports Group



We always say that basketball is a game of details, and there is a definite benefit to being taught those details individually. With the focused attention of the Coach for the whole hour, the athlete not only gets constant instruction and support during development drills, but also creates a more direct relationship with the Coach.

For those who are specifically looking to develop their skills and/or to build specific parts of their character, individual training offers a way to do it even without the benefits of competition with others.

Each new athlete will be assessed during their first session with their Coach, after which a baseline is established and a concrete plan for development is built. Through consistent communication, a combination is created of what the athlete desires to improve, what goals the athletes and parents hope to accomplish, and the Coach’s assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. The speed at which results are accomplished varies, but every child can get better regardless of previous experience.


Spaces for small group and individual training are limited and fill up quickly. Please call us to inquire about current availability.