Momentum Sports Group

Weekly Lessons

A black and white photo of a basketball team in a huddle.


In our opinion, the best way to get better at applying your skills is through collective play and game situations. What our group training does, is allow us to use a wider range of drills, competitions, and gameplay situations that help the athlete better put to use the individual skills that they are working on.

The blend of skill development and game application that is found in group training can only be replicated at our seasonal camps, and allows athletes to improve steadily through the year. There is a large focus put on teamwork and building camaraderie with fellow athletes, as many of them may train together for extended periods of time.

Below are some of the skills that are emphasized during these sessions:

  • ball handling + fundamental footwork

  • attack moves + effective finishing

  • shooting technique + efficient shot preparation

  • off-ball movement + spacial cutting

  • teamwork + leadership

  • positive attitude + encouragement of self/others

  • the enjoyment vs. competition balance