Momentum Sports Group


A group of basketball players huddle in a gym.


Our clinics provide 3 very simple opportunities for both our athletes and our staff:

  • All athletes get an opportunity to focus in on a specific skill that they want to improve or develop further over the course of several hours

  • It gives our current program participants a chance to get an extra session of work in with their favourite coaches in a slightly different setting that the ones they usually attend

  • Most importantly, it gives participants who are coming to Momentum for the first time, or have had limited experience with our programs, a chance to try training with us before entering into one of our weekly program options

You can think of our clinics as deeply focused and longer versions of our group training sessions, or as shortened “half-day” versions of our camps. Due to the longer nature of the sessions, players have an opportunity to spend an extended amounts of time working on technical aspects of their game, having fun through various games and competitions, and applying the technical skills practiced through gameplay situations with the guidance of our coaches.


Types of clinics that we offer include:

  • Shooting + finishing at the rim

  • Skill moves + ball handling

  • Offensive movement + defensive principles (For teams)

  • All around skills (shooting, finishing, dribbling)


Unlike our other programs, clinics are not regularly scheduled and will be announced and opened for registration periodically. If you are a coach or member of an organization, and would like to inquire about setting up a clinic for your team(s), please reach out via our “Contact Us” page.