Momentum Sports Group



Throughout the week, campers will get a complete experience of everything Momentum has to offer, with lots of fun activities sprinkled throughout, such as the Momentum Olympics and our tournaments. We encourage our athletes to build relationships amongst each other during the week, as well as with our coaches, to ensure the feeling of community that we hope to create at every opportunity.

Campers usually start the day with a heavier focus on individual skills and competitions, followed by more team concepts and gameplay in the afternoon. The contrast between the two allows our coaches to both implement the techniques necessary for success, as well as help the athlete understand how to apply them in game situations.

With one of our main hopes while training an athlete being consistency, what better way to ensure that we get a lot of hours together than our camps. Offered during the Summer and March Break seasons, the camps run during the day from 9am until 4pm, and are quickly becoming our most popular experiences.

Please check out our current selection of available camps below.

Hope to see you there!