Momentum Sports Group

Our Mission and Vision


Our MISSION is to create an environment where our athletes can use basketball as a tool to grow, and emphasize positive character traits that stay with them for life.

Our VISION is to create large-scale, accessible programming where all children can learn to develop a better “mind-body” connection through participation in sports.


IMPACT – A child’s formative years often shape who they become. We are dedicated to making a lasting impact.

POSITIVITY – Attitude reflects leadership. Our Coaches instil confidence through constant positive reinforcement.

CONNECTION – Community and friendship are key components of sports participation. True connection breeds teamwork.

EQUALITY – Regardless of skill level, aspiration, or background, our programs serve all children of Toronto equally.

GROWTH – Our training and methods compound over time, leading to real growth. Every day is an opportunity to get better.

FAMILY – Working with your children is an invitation into your family, so we invite you into ours. It takes a village.